Creature Comforts

It's been a couple of days after the exams, and I'm feeling much better about a lot of things. Honestly, I don't miss the nights. I miss the days though. Time for the day was mostly filled in with a lot of cramming: Block diagrams, essays on the Productivity in the Software Industry, and things that most people wouldn't even be concerned with.

But right now, all of that has changed.

Nitya asks me to get a photocopy of her marksheets.

I think I shall take a little walk and clear my head. And get the p.cs

My bloodshot eyes betray my computer fixation.
I can't be saving the galaxy all day.

Thud. Thud. Thud. 3 second frequency. Seems to be coming from the water pipes in the walls. What is that girl doing? Water is flowing down Rush...

Ah, italics are so hard to turn off in Blogger. Looks like there are a couple of bugs they just left hnging in this thing for old times sake.

I've found myself giving in to the temptation of putting in a couple of italicized phrases into all my communications. I've tried reasoning this out. It seems that of late, I've had a lot of things to be sceptical about.

Diya comes up the steps counting down from 20... 1 with her truckload of books in her bag. She just complimented Indiravelliamma. "Ah, you're the better teacher than my teacher in school." Finishes off with a whistled-rendering of 'Ajab Si' (the song all those newly-hiding-coochie-cooers) are listening to.

I spent about half an hour this evening on the terrace, watching the crows circle in the sky. There are plenty of trees around my house and plenty of crows, seems to me like there's the C in AECS does mean something else, besides Co-operative, that is. Seemed to me they were playing a game with one another. A few of them would chase each other and go around my house. Come back full circle and they would then descend upon the ones resting in the tree, who would let of a flurry of excited caws and then take off, all flying in a sort of pattern, looked to me like they were making a star shap with their flight patterns, and then some of them would land. Again two of them would take off, chasing each other all around, and then descend into the tree, more would join in the fun and then as it darkened, things quitened down and everybody retired for the night.

Wouldn't it be lovely to sleep at 6 in the evening and wake up 12 hours later?

"Amoeba paramecium" recites Diya from my room from which I have been displaced on the occasion of I. velliamma's visit. Wonderful woman. Diya is actually sitting down to study before 10 PM. Which is quite an improvement. I remember how she taught me Physics on the eve of my Second Board Exam (for all of you who don't, that's the 12th grade examinations, and yes, the capitalization hopefully conveys to some measure the importance that society gives this. But society exists to overwhelm everything. The First Board Exams are important too.). I wasn't a stellar student, and needed some help. Thank you for being there. I am where I am partly thanks to you. Diya will do well tomorrow.

I have been meaning to talk to somebody, trouble is people are so busy these days, and simply cannot be found. I've found solace in the birds and bees, or more specifically, in the crows and the bees. (except when they proceed to crap on, and sting respectively) All my friends are either working, or going to college in distant lands. And mobile phones are the ultimate multi-tasking devices around, so detrimental to the quality of a conversation, albeit the clear voice delivery.

The ants in the bowl of the toilet still say hello, and there's hasn't been a single day when I haven't dipped my hands into the bowl (in the middle of a certain process the nature of which one could only describe as excretory) and brought them to safety. Guess that makes me one of the good guys.

There is a brood of squirrels nesting in a small space in a nice cosy space between the top of the pillar and the ceiling of the A-frame that forms the front of the house. Amma (Malayalam for mother) has been observing them all day, and thinks that their mother has abandoned them, or has more likely been detained elsewhere (read not caught in traffic). Which makes it a very bad situation for the young ones. We've been trying to figure out how to get up there and get them out of their situation. (They've become desperate enough to chew on the plastic, and that can't ever be good.) No ladder we have is going to reach there me trying to shimmy up the pillar does not bode good for the structural integrity of the pillar. So, we'll have to try and effect some kind of rescue.

Babu, our driver said he could get somebody to get them down. We've kept a box all ready for them to move into. By tomorrow, if the mother's not back, we'll move them in. Diya will finally get all the squeeeeerily pleasure she wants.

Creature comforts: we all like!

I'm feeling a bit heavy. I am some percentage of the mass of the universe. (aren't you?)

Update: Diya reading, "Expected lifetime: Housefly: 1-4 months, Human beings: 60-70 years, Lion: 15-20 years. SQUIRRELS: 8-9 years! Amma get them, amma please!"