Kaching In The i

After the DBMS SlugQuaffingLug Fest that's been strectching my digits over the keyboard, I've learnt one thing. Don't stay for too long, else your eyes begin to hurt. So much that I've even reconsidered staying to track the WWDC LiveBlog orgy that's set to begin sometime tonight at around 10 PM IST.

My eyes really hurt.

Maybe I should turn to some far saner pursuits. Like work towards building a nice vocabulary of DBMS terminology that could come in handy during the oral-round of the lab on Wednesday. That would have been much more beneficial than living a fantasy that I know will take some time to play out. I'm of course referring to the iPhone fantasy.

Man's fascination with all things tech. Quite remarkable to see how we go gaga over these fusions of plastic, silicon, logic, metal, and things we can't quite see. Maybe it's the sheer awe that people like us could come up with something so extraordinarily functional, and capable of enriching our lives in ways we could never have imagined just a decade ago.

I've been following the tweets, plurks, friendfeeds, and blogs today [Engadget, Gizmodo], and if there's one thing I've learnt. People are passionate, yes. People will spend the whole day spreading the word, and talking endlessly about a device that does not guarantee happiness, or wealth or anything that is beyond it's invisible limbs that spread throughout the internets. Why then are they so passionate? What drives them into this frenzy? Is the JesusPhone really our salvation with respect to silicon-induced bytedrool? Is it going to save us all? Sorry, pardon my scepticism: is He going to save us all?

wwdc, apple, iPhone, steve, keynote: these are the terms that twistori is tracking. It's wonderful to watch people's thoughts scrolling up the screen, continuously, never stopping. Makes me think, what would the world be like if everybody just stopped thinking, or feeling, or doing.

Would the world be a happier place without thoughts? Without these catalysts of tech-induced mania? I must admit, I've spent a lot of time coveting the iPhone already, and I've found that I'm tired at the end of it all, and no closer to the phone than I was before I began coveting. So, I must hit the 'Esc' button and think for a minute.

Is any of this worth losing sleep over? Can't I just read about it in the papers tomorrow?
Tomorrow: that's like a era gone by in the world of keynotes and product launches. If I'm not up tonight watching the blog posts fly up the screen, I'm not being a true Apple Fanboy.
But then you really have to make a choice. You v/s the iPhone.

in control of your own life. Remember?

My friends seem to disagree. They think that I'm not in control. They never see me these days, they say. There was a meeting recently. I'd promised I'd go, half-heartedly for I knew my chances were slim. But then as things turned out, I couldn't really go. They called me up after they met and made me aware of their concern in a call that went on for about 90 minutes.

Maybe I'm not in control.
If not, then who steers my vessel on the course of Destiny in Life's through Life's (oft stormy) seas?
I can only hope that I meet Steve with an iPhone v.2 on the way. I heard Google Maps (combined with the GPS) comes especially in handy for people lost at sea.
---------------2 minutes later-----------------
Update: A whole truckload on tweets came raining down on me while I finished the above line. Here's what I could gather as they went ---beeeping--- by:
  • WWDC starts in 2 hrs and 15 mins and counting
  • WWDC site is down: "We'll be back!"
  • Same goes for all Apple Stores across the world.
  • Twitter pulling out all stops to meet with the terabytes of tweets it'll have to handle when the keynote kicks off (it's looking barer at the minute, and people say it might go down at any minute.)
  • People are streaming into the Moscone center at the minute.
  • I am in danger of turning this into a liveblog. STOP!
Ah, okay, let's see now. Where were we?
I can hardly wait, nerves are a flutter despite the cool weather here...

Ooh. Some 5-Star Bournvita ought to keep me warm through the keynote!

Wait, wasn't I supposed to... bah! Who cares, the tweets come in.
The livebloggers are cracking their knuckles and getting their fingers warmed...

Here we go in about 2 hours.

Oh joy! (rubbing hands with gleeeee) I really don't think I'm control of anything at the moment, I just want to know!

Listened to an audio stream, for about 5 mins till I started getting tired of the lags in the middle and only got to hear the clapping, and the klackety clack of the avid livebloggers keyboard. Ah 3G is there, but a tweet from Mr. Santosh GS just about sums up what everybody thinks, me not included. For a guy who has never had a cellphone, what else can I do but drool? Someday, someday, all the drooling I did, with pay off. Apple will release a phone that offers me sound financial/relationship/living advice, sans disclaimers. :)
The liePhone? We'll just have to wait and see.