Facebook and The Pendulum of Hope

"Life these days and more importantly, relationships, don't mean much unless
they're validated by your profile and your friend counts on
social networks."

People these days are becoming increasingly dependent on Facebook for social gratification. They spend less time outdoors that they ever did, which is not surprising considering all the fun they're having on there.

A FB App is this handy, clutter-philic piece of code that you can install on your profile to deliver different kinds of information which you can use in combination with other apps, and create a sort of mashup on your profile page. But the trouble with these apps is:

  • They (most often than not) do the same thing under different names (redundancy)
  • They don't really do anything useful unless you're a closet vampire/werewolf (start out as a Chump which happens to be a mispell of Chimp and stay like that as long as you bite!), or a complete jerk who sells his friends to other people (Gifted I think is the name of this app!)
  • There are exceptions to the above point and I know of a few of them, but they're so few and far in between that it's hard to pick them out, it's like looking for a kindred spirit in a big bowl of Chumps!
  • There's probably no easy method to find good useful apps, unless you know exactly what you're looking for and you have all the patience in the world to find the right kind of people who aren't AppClutterbugs
  • If the usefulness of an app is dependent on the person who is using it, then I guess it's alright to fill up your Facebook (yes, that's what I'm calling it, my Facebook) with 200+ apps of which approximately 90.314257% are redundant! "Are my friends like me?" "Are I like me friends?" "Do my friends think like me?" "Do I think I think like my friends think like I think...?" So many ways to ask the same question!
  • If you have too many apps, it's easy to install two-different apps that do the same thing. And having too many friends can end up flooding you with Check-out-this-app-that-you-might-have-but-you-can-have-more-than-one-way-to-poke-your-finger-in-my-eye-socket-and-rip-out-contents-you-can-do-it-in-HIndi/English/Hebrew/Zulu/Java/Sumatra/Borneo/Kalilampa/OpenSesame/Moku/Tak Tak/Tic Tic and 300+ more! Now, that's a SUPER Poke! And it comes with a built-in tutor that familiarizes you with these great languages, and some maps that might come in handy, in case you go to one of these places and get lost in them.
One of my friends is a girl who'd filled up her Facebook profile (what happened to the profile of yore?) with so many apps that it possibly took her profile about 5 minutes to finish telling me what was in there, and that still doesn't mean I got to see all of it! "Loading..." is something you have to get use to with the way these click-Install-this-app crazy clutter their pages!

I'm tired of Facebook, but it does open up exciting possibilities when you meet people you don't know at all. I use the Scrabulous, Hangman, Twitter and the wall app, and yes, the Chat app for chatting up my frendz. I love the 'Ignore Invites' button! One-clicky goodness.

Made a new frendz yesterday on FB, no less! (yes, that's where we all meet to greet and do the rubabababeet and discuss beetroot and disco beats) We've met/bonded over a complete misunderstanding. And that's why the situation is so much uncanny.

I was chewing the biscuit (tea) with Anna (not Ivanovic! She's cute isn't she?) yesterday, and somehow I started talking about this Pendulum of Hope that we all have in seemingly hopeless situations:
"Well, flowers are nice after a tiring afternoon when you have this
pendulum of hope swinging in your head.
And it eventually stops
swinging and settles in the middle.
Comes to rest."

Hope never dies. Got to keep some for what is left in life. The pendulum will start up again. It's got potential! Maybe FB keeps the pendulum oscillating.