The Translucency of Being Transparent

"Hey hi."
Ah, hullo there, and hi hey.
(thank you Sobby, for this classic!)

"What's happened while I've been gone?"
You haven't bene gone really, have you? You've been hanging out online more than usual, but without anything useful to do, like conversing with me.
"But wait, I haven't stopped conversing with you, have I? You've been here all along! I speak to you from time to time, but I don't put up these conversations for the whole world to see."
Ah, you're probably right, but it just doesn't feel like there's any real incentive when you're not letting the world peek at you on the inside.

"That's something many of us don't really have a problem with. We're all ready to show the world what they want to see in us."
What is that supposed to mean? Do you mean, people sort of project an image of themselves onto a big screen for people to see?
"Yes, and -"
And yes, what they want to see is what we project?
"Hm, well, sort of. But we can't generalize, no, no, that would be wrong, there are those among us that want others to see the real 'us' for what we are."

And most of you people have some sort of latent disapproval of themselves, they don't feel content with being themselves, so they mutate and change into something they're not.

"Actually, I have a small bit of geekstuff to put things in perspective.

coolinternetcelebrity_flag=me; }

Ah, that doesn't make any sense!

"Sure, it does! Just think of yourself as a Hew-man-Goal-of-Ultimate-Satisfaction-compiler, parsing this, you'd probably say to yourself (assuming that you were capable of such a thing, as it were) that this is the way the world was heading and so, you'd just be doing the in-YouTube-thing these days."
But not everybody is on YouTube for reasons as shallow as this. People go there and say things like "Wah, wah, wah, What The Buck!" and walk around all poised and pouting 'coz they've got a crush on certain American presendential candidates!"

Ooh, fiesty, fiesty!

But how odd that she didn't vote for him!
"Don't worry I've done the best I can. Instead of throwing money at her, I've subscribe to her oooh-toob channel."
Ah, this is supposed to be the best web video of 2007. Read the blurbs. Ah, ah, ah.

"Oh, and right, getting back to our discussion, all I'm saying is, people want other people seeing them as perfect. Which as I've reminded you constantly does not exist."
But didn't you change your stance a couple of days ago?

"See, I told you, perfect people don't exist."
Oh, I see what you mean..

So, according to you, everybody wants to be project themselves, a different 'them', and Toob is one way to do that.
"Precisely. Call it the art of being transparently translucent."
Isn't that oxymoronic?
"No, because, if we take a part of ourselves as we'd like to see it, and put it up for people to experience, and get some discussion on what they've experienced, then it validates the attempt. We've gone places. We've gained attention for doing things that we'd not normally do, weren't there any incentive involved."
So, that's what this blog is all about!

And your tweets.
Ah, I know not what to say.

"Don't say nothing at all. Here's something funny I came across now."

I don't see anything special, or odd, or humorous, or remarkable whatsoever. Infact I'd dismiss that with a cold "whateva".
Come to think of it, neither do I. Whateva! I'm back with a full house today, thanks to return of family from Chennai, that's a good thing, always a good thing. Amma's in for a surprise tonight!"
You mean...?

"Oh yeah. You know what I mean."

"I've got a couple of interesting conversations between me and friends that I recorded some time ago. I'll put them up for download."
That's cool, but please do explain what you guys are talking about. And yes, people will worship you! You rock! they'll say and everything will be good and everything will be wonderful.
"That's the idea."
Trans-pair-and-see, via trans-loose-sense-see.
(violin music floats)
Deedoy, let's see what she learnt in Chennai."
Hear, you mean?
Ah, !

"And yes, finally what inspired all this."

"Good for your woah-cab dood!"