"Sometimes, you can speak several lanugages with the same language."
Really, how does one do that?

"Let's peruse, shall we? The pro-noun-see-ay-shun may be a little tricky, but it's like playing with TNT, once you get the hang of it, you get the hang off it."
And the best part here is, no risks of getting your head blown off. Or, being a danger to the people around you.
"Exactly! So, what's happening here is a conversation I had with my dear cousin's wife, technically my sister-in-law, but for all practical purposes, ex-cousin (that's ex = extended family). She happened to come online last evening, and I chose that moment to go full throttle on the Malluspeak in Engleesh, the developments were quite fascinating!"

Let's peruse, very very slowwwwly:

(Disclaimer: Knowledge of both Engleesh and Mallu as pre-requisites. Or, if you're just looking for funny-sounding names to call people, then you've come to the right place!)

Note: Names have been changed to protect whatever shreds of privacy that we can scrape out in the corners of the interweb.

7:53 PM Priceless/NoExpense: ahem!!!!
me: Oh, endannu P./NE chechi, enganne indu?
7:54 PM P./NE: hmmm nanayi irrikunnu...
nee engane indu?
me: Varalle sorry, ngan vijarichoo that ningulle busy aanu, so ngan disturbu cheyandanu vijarichoo.
P./NE: ellarkum sugam alle?
me: Ignore cheyuvanune vijarikalle.
7:55 PM Adhe.
P./NE: nyannooo...
me: Ellarikum sugam thane.
P./NE: nyan angane cheyo?
7:56 PM nee ende nalla kutti alle?
me: Illa, pashe, misunderstanding veruthan varale easy aanu eekalathil.
7:57 PM Nyan ellavarudeyum nalle kutti alle?
P./NE: hmmm athe.. samshyum endhu...
nammal thamil varo angane okke do?
me: Samshyam illa.
7:58 PM P./NE: hmmm (chiri)
which is very cute by the way...
7:59 PM me: Adheyo, innum ningaley angane paranyetuloom. Vere yaaroom paranyetilla.
8:00 PM P./NE: angane...
don be jealous sweetie
8:01 PM me: Nyaan kshamikaam, pakshe vaaku paalikyan pattuvom, adhu parayaan patuoola.
P./NE: athu endha?
endhu vakku?
8:02 PM me: Nyaan jealous aavandirikam kshamika.
8:03 PM Ippom manasilaiyyo?
P./NE: oh ok saarum illya
8:04 PM me: Varalle nanni.
P./NE: hmmm...
pinne verre endha news monne?
me: Innale ningalle fone kaal engane indaiirunoo?
8:05 PM P./NE: it was ok
8:06 PM me: Adheyo? Nyaan helpucheyan indaiirunne nalledayi, alle?
News, prityechu, adigham illa, Tee-see-essum Infosysum April maasam verunne.
8:07 PM Irruvathi irandandi, pinne irruvathi aarandi.
P./NE: hmmm thanks a ton..
all the best
8:08 PM campus selction getting into one are you?
8:09 PM me: Arraiyilla.
8:10 PM Eligible aanu, pakshe enda aavovaam arraiyilla.
P./NE: why?
me: Jeevidhathil, onnum assured alla.
8:12 PM P./NE: hmmm athe...
8:13 PM philosophy philosophy
8:14 PM me: Aarengillum parayende?
P./NE: athe athe...
20 minutes
8:35 PM me: Pinneyum.


"At this point I went offline and headed down to the basement for my (from yesterday) daily rundown on the events of the day.

"Here's a little glossary:
chiri - smile (yes that's my smile she's talking about! ha!)
chechi - sister (often appended to name of a elder sister, conveys respect whether desired or otherwise!)
pinneyum - later, after some time (this could imply several eons from now, depending on the context of use)
irrikunoo - that's how it is/sit/here
(context-based, multipurpose word for all reasons and seasons. Come to think of it, can also be used to imply "I am standing here")"

Any other words we should add to this?
"Nah! I'll probably have to explain each and every sentence to you then, remember I spoke in Manglish the whole time!"
Darn you! Wait, there are two or three stray Engleesh ones breaking in there.
"Ah, well, you can't avoid those, can you?"
Well, I suppose you're right.

"We'll just leave whoever comes across this, to figure the rest of it out!"
And if they have anything to add, they can find the commenting system for themselves.

Sheri, manasilayi!

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