Bagfulls of Karma

"Tired, unable to think/"
Did you just throw up in the kitchen sink/
"Please I beg no more/"
What were you doing to throw up so?

"I was stuffing my face and enjoying it too"
Oh boo hoo! Get yourself into a program!
"No way, they're all a sham!"
Shazaam! You're fulla flim flam, pick pack paggedy wag,
"Give a dog a bone?"
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full.

"Whatchoo gonna do with 'dem bags, fool?"
Gonna bag me some karma.
"You can't bag karma, dumbass!"
No, but you can bag some Instant Karma on your facebook!

"Bah, you're a douchebag!"
No, I'm a doucebag fulla karma man!
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