"For some time...
I've been drifting, I didn't realise uptil now.
A slap in the face
A bucket of cold water at 4:50 AM
Rapid respiration at 5:45 AM
Priorities. We need them
Phantom limb, this
I don't know what I must do
But I know I'd better figure that out now
Or regret never doing this for the rest of my life
Thank you, I know I will not be missed"

I applaud. But now, you have work to do. Go ahead. Finish it.
"Thank you. I, uh, we,... we will be back in a little while."
Hopefully in time for Season 3 of Prison Break.
"I hope so too, there's so much to learn."
I hope I'm not hearing things.

"We are, and that's what is worrying me."
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