On Women

"I got one of those fwds on respecting women recently."
Really, and what did it say, besides instructing you on how to do that? Was it one of those emails with a bunch of pictures and a caption which usually started off with the words "She is"?
"Yes, that's just it. With the adjectives sharing, caring, loving, musical, charming and so on suffixing."
Just as I thought, one of those Fwds that just goes around drifting with hardly anybody giving a seconds thought to what's inside it.
"There's nothing to learn from it. It's been forwarded about a zillion times already. It's probably got more interesting tales to tell of the email inboxes it's been in, judging from all the addresses that have overflowed from its To: header into the subject body. Remember the very first case of email spamming?"
That should be interesting, a single email that has gone so far, and seen so much will have many stories to tell. Let's ask an email what it's got to say about itself.
"Maybe later. What do you think about the respecting women thing?"
Well, what do you want me to think? I think that you'd be doing the right thing by them. After all, they are the reason you even exist.
"So, you mean I owe it to them?"
Pretty much.
"So, if you were to respond to that person from whose inbox the fwd originated, what would you have to tell them?"

I respect you, all of you.
Don't forget that.
But maybe we all need reminders, sometimes on why we need the women in our life so much. We miss them when they're not there for us, no matter how hard we try to deny it. Maybe there is no other way.
It's funny though, you have a bunch of guys sitting right behind you discussing the bitchiness of the females around them. I have had plenty of moments where I've thought, to hell with all women! You find it so easy to be pissed off by them, then I remember that they're there to keep us grounded, honest, extremely doped up and they are the reason that half the shrinks out there are not unemployed!

"You can't keep me from talking.
You can't keep me from praising you when you're around.
And i won't make you a goddess.
Won't make me a martyr.
It's never worked before." - Cindy by Tammany Hall

Lovely, that should just about get them the message.
Remember, I respect you. I don't know how we men can convince you, but take it from us.
We do. We need you there.

"But oh! I do want a girl with a short skirt/loonnnggg jacket."
Pah! we men are all the same!
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