Deedoy Made Me This

Sometimes, when you feel lost in the crowdaciousness of it all, you can only hope that somebody's hand finds yours.
Strength, courage to brave it all. A reminder to us all that, no matter how strong we are, each and every one of us is vulnerable sometime, somewhere.
"She remembered my favourite colour! It is blue."

A return to the present moment. I snap of the fingers.
I remember who I am.

"Thank you Diya. It's probably the best birthday gift I ever received. You believe in them, don't you, our little children."
I do. They remind us of what we once were, till the world scarred us. When we learnt what it meant to be afraid, unhappy, and thoughtless for no reason whatsoever.
Children, they are the best gift. Any day better than Chicken Soup.

Happy Birthday, I wish you all.
"I want to have seven kids."
Back to the real world, mister M.
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