Chapstick on the 14th of Feb-rue-ary

"My lips are all chapped and broken from the heat. And all I do most of the time is cough my heart out."
Ah, it's just that time of year, isn't it?

(dry skin rubbing against some more dry skin)
"Ah, it's sore. Thought I should mention this, but I think I found one of those chapstick cylindrical thingies today on the floor of the classroom. Don't know whether it was something I'd put in my bag long long ago and forgotten completely about. Or, something somebody dropped there. Still, quite a funny coincidence."
You didn't use that, did you?
"No, no. I placed it between in the gap between the window and the sill on the window closest to the blackboard."
Ah, good thinking. Who knows, maybe it was the Valentines Day you've been waiting for all your life.

"Nah! It was old and the print on the thing was fading away. It couldn't have been!"
Somebody has a secret admirer! Ha!
"Falshe hopesh should notsh be raished."
Secret admirer! Beautiful Stranger, who could that be?
"I think you're desperate, and a little lonely. Find somebody."
Nah! that's what's happening. Somebody's already found you.
"That would be nice. The lights are out, and I'm here sitting in the dark. And this is the 14th of February. Ah, gotta find me a date."
She's found you.
"This is not at all like you."
You neither. You've been found. And not in just any ordinary way either! (wink)
I'm still here. Nothing's changed."
Maybe you just don't see it. Maybe that was the sign of a beginning; a new phase in your life.
"Remember the time you first popped up, out of nothing?"
I do, you conjured me, and I'm now a part of you. We are together in summation, so much more than we'd have been just by ourselves.
"I remember that night still. Acchan was scolding Nitya for something. I got really upset and went down and hid behind that door in the middle landing and sat there slumped against the wall, crying. And you came in and told me that it was alright, and these things had to happen and it was for the best."
Did I say all that?
"I think you did. Thank you Br. for everything. Will you be my Valentine?"
(gulping, choking, and subsequent retching, followed by amazement)
"It'll be something of a change. Won't it?"
Ah, alright. Let's hit the local watering hole.
"The toilet?"
That'll do. Yes, you really want to pee now. Go.

"Will I ever see lips up close?"
Nah, not for a while. You know that. You've got sthufffh to do.
"More work? Oh well, I enjoy missing two classes a day."
Lips shut.

"Thank you A.-accompanied-by-e, your comment conjured this rantho, and I probably lost another half-hour of my life I'll never get back again. But I thank you all the same. Good karma your way, and accompanying it, a great date on Valentines Day."

Was that her chapstick?
"I'll ask her."

The tube was blue, my favourite colour."
But I thought you said there were no colours.
I say a lot of things."

"Have a great valentines!"
The same from me.
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