Shanti Shanthi Shanthee Shaanthee | Om WOm WOhm WOahm

"FYI, we saw OSO today.
"Didn't we?"
I think we did.

"How'd you think it was?"
I remember the time when we sat down to watch it: 3:40 PM.
The time we got up to blog it: 8:00 PM.

"I don't think we took toilet breaks into account."
There were no toilet breaks.

"Right, we went after."
Right after.

So, are you in a po-see-shun to cross anything off your list?
"I wouldn't be honest, if I said I was."

We must always be honest, must we not.

"That bugger didn't answer his phone again.
"Getting sick and tired of his ways.
"I think I shall go for a little walk.
"Have a little talk with myself.
"It's cold outside though, what do you think, advisable?"
Maybe, maybe not.
"Haha! Don't pull that one on me, Mister. B."

"When will the third light go up?"
Things take time around here. Just be in a position to enjoy the wait.
"Where is everybody? I don't see anybody online."
People are just taking time off from their dull, and digital routines: life as an endless stream of ups and downs, binary 1 = up, binary 0 = down; or if you see it the other way: 1 = may go down, 0 = may go up - (the pessimist/optimist view if you will) you'll realise, that there's a whole new way to look at things.
"Picchar abhi to baki hain boss!"
Something on those lines. If somebody came up to you, and asked you whether your life was just right, everything in it's place, what would you tell them?
"If you don't have an answer, you know there's a list of to-dos to be converted to a list of to-dones."
Now that you mention it, you do have a list, don't you?
"Yes, a lot of todoing to todoneing to be done."

I wouldn't minding adding one more item to the list. How about that plate of uneaten PASTAAAAAAAAAA (said in Sunfeast Pasta Treat ad kid style with a mamma mia flourish accompaniment) waiting in the landing?
"To be consumed."
You know what to do. Go get your face stuffed.
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