A Man Without A Coat In The Magic Redundancy Universe

"Lost in the magic redundancy universe"
Greetings, there are times when I feel lost.

'Tis one of those times.

(Note to self: the continued usage of 'tis will endanger self during social intercourse.)

"I'm in whino mode, let's be honest."

Sorry, I've been a little distracted lately.

Dear Ann-with-an-E Girl. you're the epitome of humility as well: blessing from heaven, eh, what? :-)

"Grit! GrWilst GrThoui GrBi GrMi GrMt"
I finally cut my nails after three weeks of extracting the grit from 'neath mine eyelids, they've puffed up and my eyes have sunken in.

"Heart too heavy for love. Head too heavy for soothing thoughts."
I feel a little heavy. Noticed that my breathing has become heavier, and more strained.
A little walk each day wouldn't do me too bad.

I went to the BSNL exchange today. I've nearly been hooked to braedband. Nearly...
All it took was a few months of waiting and a lot of pesky phone calls to a very uncooperative bunch of people who think you are so socially inhibited that they give you new numbers to call and pass the time of day. They're a very nice bunch of people. I bet they'd even overtake the social networking portals one day.

"Welcome to The Social: BeeyeSyeNyeLL - Best Saathis No Longer than a text away!"

"Warm, and soft, thine embrace."
Why are my hands so small? They screen is so far far away.

My bed awaits, invite lingering on and on. What do you think? Should I dive in? Let her enfold me in soft embrace, warm and a little itchy. Must be the woolen blanket. Cold cold night of the 11th, may you draw in the warmth from lands afar, where the people wish them gone.

"The drums beat. It Must Have Been Love."
A song plays in the background. Muffled echoes of distant barking. Dogs or people? Are people dogs? Are dogs people? Who knows? Who knows? Is Andrew Symmonds a rhesus '+'vely?

"Busy tone - No Answer"
Thinking during the feverish nights I spent not studying (not too wisely, and not too well) it just popped into my head: I'm weak and need a little encouragement. Who can I call?
May I call you?

"Drug-fuelled dreams... Senor' Desperado"
Manu, you are the Mayor of Crazytown, rest.

"I must, but how? I'm so tired.
"Please teach me, dear friend.
"Guide me into the path of righteousness.
"I must have a little faith.
"If only a little, I must have that.
"She will come, won't she?"
She will.

All shall come to pass.

Don't worry.

"Goodnight sir, says a lost man.
He lost his coat to keep himself warm.
And ended up losing himself to forget the cold,
And so each unto his own doom."

Dull talk, you really must stop. There's really nothing different between you and the man outside.

"Touch me and I will follow in your afterglow
Free me from all this sorrow, as I let you go..."
Nice jingle, INXS. Truly Manu, we must all be willing to let go. She will be loved, you know. Someone else, same intention, enrich their lives and hers.

"But I can't. She doesn't even know."
Do you really think her that daft. You're writing this with the intention of sending it to her.
"I can't."
You mustn't, 'twixt and 'tween this and other things, 'twould be a bad thing.

"0003 hrs. Carry me to the bed, please."
Time isn't money. Time is rest. Slumber. You've suffered enough. Let the shoots of knowledge-seeking, rise tomorrow.

Don't sulk and wallow,
It's not fun to be in sorrow,
Goodmorrow. There's always time to dream and hope.

"All the best, Mr. Ideally Suited For Thought Experiment Man Who Does Not Know Why Does What He Does."
He'll get the message.

Note: Blogger was experiencing some issues around midnight today. So, this is a delayed post.
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