First Concert

"Fell in love with the girl at the rock show/
She said what/
And I told her that I didn't know" - 'Rock Show' by Blink 182

So, you're off to a concert eh?

"Sivamani and Leslie Louis are playing at Ambedkar Bhavan, in aid of cancer victims of Karunashraya. Not a rock show, but what the hell!"

Have fun!

"My first concert! Dammit! I don't even remember being to one of these things."

Now that you mention it, I don't think I do either?
We have so much in common.

One could pair us twins. Identical ones at that.
"You know what! I think you're right! We do the same things, but it's only our perspectives that are so different."
Different but same. Same but different.

"So, waiting for acchan to get back home from work, then we'll dash off. We have a long way to go. Maybe I should liveblog the concert!"
Now, wouldn't that be mind-blowingly electrifying? How would you go about it Mr. Pro Blogger. Got your Macbook Air all ready to go?
"Oh, one of those would be nice. Small form-factor, superfast wireless networking, (that would be useless thanks to the absence of Wireless N anywhere!) a battery that promises a lot of blogging time, but the price is just too much! Pity, I don't even know how long this concert is going to be, but that's one thing nobody thinks about when they set off concert-bound."
True. Dump liveblogging, there'll probably a few hundred airbloggers doing that over there. The idea is to sit down, or stand up to applaud, and then join the crowd moving towards the exit a few hours later. Timelessness is something we all strive for. When you're having such a nice time that you lose your sense of time passage, then you're really having a good time!
"Air Guitar. Air Rocker. Air Head. Air Bubble. AIR. Air Keyboard. I need some AIR!"
Let me know how your Air trip goes.

"I will let you know how the Air fares!" {Airport wave}
For low Air fares, go to! {Airport wave}

If Apple has TMed Air, then you're in for a nice supply of lawsuits. Not to mention, a lifetime supply of legal notice paper. They make good reading!
"I'll wait for the deluge. Music time! Rock to the Ambedkar Bhavan. 7:15 PM the timeless 2 hours begins! I'll call ammachan for legal advice. He's a good lawyer, and he's good because he's my grandfather! Be forewarned, Steve!"

NOTE: "It's Louis Banks and not Leslie Louis! I have my maternal co-author of existence to thank for both wrong and right information. I'll keep it here, because that's what I ranthoed and you never edit your ranthos, do you?"
I suppose so. Why don't you tell them how it went.
"Later. I have a connection to be messing around with."
Something byte-ing?
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