Doing What You Can

"I'm worthless man!"
I think you're full of crap too.

"Come on! I mean it!"
Yes, I think, while we're at it, you're full of crap!

No, I mean it. You're full of crap!

"Please, some sympathy."
Crappy sympathy-seeking baby! Grow up!

"No, please, I'm weak and I need help."
Crap! You need some fresh air and a boot in your ass!

"You sound like Red!"
That's right dumbass! I am Red! Now, I'm giving you till the count of three...

"No, please, I wasting my life. I'll go outside for a nice walk and stop being such a whiny baby."
That's right you will. What the hell do you think you're going to do with your life?
All you do is sit around and complain about how stupid people are and how people don't recognise you for the smartass that you are. Well, you know what? you're a dumbass! If you're so smart, you'd have figured out that it's not what people see you for, or what they don't see you for. For instance, I'd never expect that you become Prime Minister in this life, or the next, or a Nobel Laureate. But don't judge yourself by titles - The Nobel is just a medal recognising outstanding achievement. Not something that grants you the right to stamp your prestigious ass all over the place!

Remember, do what is right. And do what you can. Don't not do what you can.
"Whether you think you can or you cannot, you're right." said Henry Ford and look at what he did.


Do what you can.
"I will. Thank you."

You've got a bunch of exams to prepare for, right? CAT, MAT, and GATE and all that?
"Yes, I've got to decide where I want to go. I'm at the crossroads, there are many paths I can follow. But I have no idea of which is the right way to go."
I don't think there is a right path. Whichever way you go. Just make sure that you do the right thing.
If you're going to work -
"Provided I get plashhhhhed!"
- yes! then work with the objective to being of some value. After all, they're supporting your existence.

Remember, the Importance of Being Idle shouldn't be your life song. Your song should be the Importance of being of Value.
"More on this later, right?"
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