What is a DP?

A friend of mine commented on how a community we'd created on orkut had failed to 'unite' a group of friends. In that same post, he went on to create a poll asking people whether they felt the community had achieved the purpose it had set out to achieve.
He also said that the people on the DP of the community weren't there with us.
Having nothing but two tests tomorrow, and plenty of time, that set me thinking about possible expansions of the simple and humble 'DP' and so:

Death Parade?
Deadly Prada?
Dragon Piss!!
Deewana Pagal?
Daulat Palghat?
Dil-eee Plate-form?
Digjig Panga?
Dance/Disco Pants?
Danda Padna?
Dandi Parched?
Driving Pie-sense?
Driving Pilot?
Dilshot Pisschance?
Distance Package?
Dipshit Punk?
Departmental Premises?
Dog Punter?
Dope Peddler?
Damned Pebble?
Damned P.?
Dam Pee?
Dam P.s?
Director of Posts?

(Have I exhausted them all...? I think not because I still have a few more... Quite a cocky fella, ain't I?)

Update: My friend says that since in the context of his posting this particular abbreviation on a particular social networking website; it means 'Display Pic'. End of quest.
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