Woke up @ 5:30 AM (0000 hrs GMT) - feverish, a little.

Kriya, a nice bath, to file structures. Fell asleep reading buffer class implementations.

College: 8 AM. Waiting around for teachers to show. DBMS teacher shows up.

Waiting to get out. The gates are locked.

Really feverish now. Home: had some lunch.


Siblings home. "I want icecreeeeam!" proclaims Diya.

Spoke to amma for a few minutes. Spoke to Sid too. Get a call from a unknown number. No replies to text messages. Attempted call does not return results.

"Go buy some Crocin," amma advised, "and while you're at it, get Deedoy a nice icecream."

Acchan still not back yet.

I will not be going to college tomorrow. Neither is anyone else for that matter.

Comments on jaiku, check email - oh! there's a surprise, ah, and I'm off to sleep.
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