Talking to myself.

Good conversation is often found in the most unexpected of places:

Sometimes when you really can't wait for someone to talk to, there's always somebody you're leaving out. You.

Talk to yourself. You'll find yourself actually having fun. Create an imaginary friend, or better still, a friend. There's always room for possibilities.

So, don't worry when you don't find anybody online. Just think of them as a bunch of nerdy losers who don't deserve the wisdom that you have to offer. (too freely for comfort!)
(Note: This could actually be a reason why they don't show up online, it may not be just co-incidence. Self-inflicted wounds.)

Ah, ah, ah, but where was I? yes, I was scrapping myself, quite happily, blissfully unaware of the fact that I'd find myself in somewhat of a doodah (yes, I like Wodehouse, I read a lot of his books most of the time, not quite the right thing to do. Ah, ah, ah.)

I had a bit of avilose podi this evening and I'm finding myself a bit stuffed. Stuffed -that would be the word. So, I think I shall have a bit of water and repair thence to mine study whence I shall conjure the shank of knowledge and don the "Mask of the Nerdithia".
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