Movie-goers, Think!

Here are two very good, slightly biased, and fairly expressive reviews of the movies that seem to have taken over the deaths in Iraq and President Musharaff's roller-coaster reign.

Referred to by herself as t2, she's given you all the reasons to reconsider plunking down all that money on OhSoOhhhh and Saaaaw(be)wary-yaaaa!

Okay, I must admit, I wasn't going to see them anyway, but her reviews do confirm my 'suckiness-is-directly-proportional-to-hype' theory.

A hype-oh-this-is, in every sense.

Alright, I'm going to be baby-sitting Nitty and Deedoy for a few days. I have lost my time-balance. I have no idea how it seems to fly by. Diwali just came and went.

No boom-boom-bang-bang pictures this time. Everything seemed to be low-key with amma departing for Chennai. I felt so sad, I even talked to myself about it.

PK burnt herself. And I couldn't help her with typing. Sid is probably going to need dental surgery. I think I might be needing one of those too. Sid had a minor accident on the way to my house. He's hopping around his aunt's house now. The whole week's plans have been bombed. Bhu came down for Diwali, gave me a couple of shocks, and made me realise that people will do what they want to do, and nothing can stop them. It all follows a pattern, and as you might know, I take an active interest in patterns - especially patterns.

The cryst-all-ball(zzz) told me that there would be an elusive romantic interest on Saturday. Why are my friends making fun of me! Sid's c.b. told him that he'd have a "encounter with fate that would delay travel plans". (He's going on Friday, one day later to his prior planned departure). PK is going to see a plastic surgeon about her hand, I must go and visit her.

B. makes it sound like girls are nice: nice to run around trees with, nice to text message, to talk to, to meet and greet at will.

Yes, he also suggested that I get myself a partner, if I wanted to survive college.

Do you think he was right? Do I sound that desperate? Must everybody go through break-ups and make-ups(/outs!)... Must they suffer, and make others suffer as well...

Or am I just paranoid! Gawd, help me!

Internals start in a few days.
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