keep your windows open.

So tired now.
My right eye's sunken in. That's right.

"No woman no cry" croons Boney M(an?) in my left ear. Through what's left of my headphones.

After three days and three nights of continuous cramming, one does get tired.

"Everything's gonna be alright now... No woman no cry"

My neighbour - Surya aunty - celebrated 45 years of living. She threw together a little celebration, for which the kiddies next door were invited, viz. siblings and me. I never asked myself: am I grown-up now, viz. no longer kid. Can you be a mature kid? Is a mature kid a grown-up?

I've seen grown-ups do some pretty silly things. So, are they still kids? Doing silly things, not realizing the fact? Are kids better off staying kids? So, they can do the things they do, and not be wrongly branded grown-ups?

Am I grown-up? Does my week-long-under-jaw-facial-hair growth make me one of them?

After the pani puri and ice cream were consumed, I was playing blind man's bluff today. My sister had tied a piece of cloth around my head, covering my eyes. She tied it so tight that the aforementioned eye was affected in the manner mentioned. Red. Itchy. Not an improvement on the 'before' appearance. You don't know, people are hitting you everywhere. "Getting your ass whipped" was something that a person subjected to this treatment came up with! Often, you don't know what you're grabbing at, but someone's yelps, groans, squeals and other noises are enough to make you let go. And then it's the same thing all over again. Danger! danger! Yell they, just to scare you into thinking that you stepped into your neighbour's TV!

Please play this game in a wide open space. That's all.

It is serious fun! I'm actually going to get round to playing this game. Kiddish? Yeah! I'm a kid, after all.

I'm not a grown-up.

I realised that the woman who covers all, but leaves her windows open, I find her... fascinating.
Please keep it that way.
The world is a better place with you.

And anyone who thinks Chicken Soup for the sole (sic) is over-rated may let me know. If you disagree, you know what to do. (let me know!)

The world is a better place with you too.
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