De Imp. f nt cntin ur scrps

Doesn't it seem like we all place too much importance on scraps? I for one (and I have stopped telling falsh-hoods too...) , have stopped checking because nobody cares enough to post, and the ones who are an exception to this, don't care enough to imagine the crushing that blow that a
"Hi! What are you doing?" brings.

That, my dear, is a sure sign, that something in the grand scheme of things has gone awry and you're beginning to see little cracks on the soles of your feet, that you were sure, were never there before.

Didn't I tell you there were no colours?

Think about it.

[Note: The above is an excerpt (unabriged) from an email I'd written to my friend earlier today in response to some problem with the communication facilities provided by a certain popular social networking site, run by a certain groups of ultra-cool nerds that certain people refer to as "the reason Ballmer's acting Ballmy."]
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