Voul: kannada islaang; n. an untruth, lie, something that is not true, falshhhood
Munde: generic n. any other person
Voulmunde: kannada/hybrid (cognitive reverie language - a product of a twisted and idle mind); n. a person who leaves off vouls incessantly.

Okay, here is a conversation that amma, me and Nitya shared one rainy evening.

Not very clear, not very relevant to anything at all, staying true to the content on this blaaahg!

A lot of weird voice-mod-you-lay-shun, and hahahahahaaas, and besides, you can learn malayalam as well. Just listen, and you'll be amazed by a few truths that are put out in the conversation. Besides, you'll learn to love my voice. It's an awk-wired taste.

Don't think for the next 14 minutes and 35 seconds. Promise yourself this.

Download it here.

We appreciate the kindness of the people behind the Internet Archive for hosting this. Go there to see what Google looked like when it first came out in 1998. And other sites way, way back in the past, before AJAX, or Flash, or JavaScript, or HTML! (last one not to be taken seriously!)
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