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Blogger seems to be strangely put off by my posts... It's not even giving me the complete menus.

I often question myself: why am I putting all this out? And who gives a shit! The truth be told, I think a lot of people just visited because I happen to be one of the few who's blogged about Handbrake. And the more posts in which I mention the word "Handbrake" the more hits I get thatnks to Google! Whoo hoo!

Amazing profits, those guys have made 46% quarter-on-quarter!

Ah, life, goes on.

I need a little notebook to put all those thoughts down. Not this one that I'm using!

Nitya has been weeping from 4:30 onwards. Because I didn't take her to tuition.

I recorded a conversation between me, amma and Nitya earlier in the week. It made no sense and those two had no idea we were being eavesdropped upon by that little white matchbox on the table.

If you can understand Malayalam, or even if you can't it'll be a great opportunity to learn.

I'll upload it once I can find the free bandwidth. I mean, somebody's gotta host it, right? If there's something you didn't understand. Which is most likely going to be the case, let me know.
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