CRACK! The ball flies off the bat, parting from it with a kiss that I heard 50 feet away at the boundary line. The ball soars high in space. It soars. It soars some more. And then yanked down by gravitational force, it comes down lower and lower. And with a dull-heavy-cushioned sound, it lands into my outstretched palms. Cheers!

After 5 years, it feels good to be playing.

I'm not cricket crazy. I like the game, I think it's quite a nice game. (Redundant, I know, but I like the game!) I've never been to a single match in the stadium (very rarely happens these days), I've never been an "Boys In Blue Must Crush the Other Team" type person. I believe that like any other game, the more my heart races and BP rises during a game, the more fun it is. It doesn't matter if India wins or loses, (like that Dhoni guy says!) if it is a game I can remember till two days after its been played, then I think it is a good game, worth losing a few hours of unproductivity (actually, I don't get how sitting in front of a TV watching Mr. Sreesanth emulating my bowling style, is makes it otherwise!).

Any game takes a lot of spirit to be playing, if you're good at it, good, go out there and play your heart out. But don't play to win. It defeats the purpose of the game, and is an insult to its inventors. (They had nothing better to do on a lazy weekend, so they took a piece of wood and a nice smooth stone and that was the beginning of broken windows, and of course, Fevi Kwik!) They who played the game for fun didn't play for trophies, or cups, they played it for the heck of it. Since when did swinging a piece of wood at a sphere covered in leather, or hitting wooden sticks with the sphere become such a great thing? Yuvi might have scored 6 out of 6. But I'm pretty sure he didn't do it because he saw that nice fat cheque waiting for him back home. The Ozzies sure enjoy mercilessly crushing the other teams, they know they're going to win and they're having fun while at it. I'm not saying that you should slacken your approach to the game, instead, play because you like to have fun! There is no way you can say, "Ah, if I'd done things differently...": no regrets.

Even if you're not into sports, (I know a few people who consider surfing the web for no apparent reason aka whiffling a sport. "Hey I dugg x articles today! So cool, can you download the entire Steve Jobs keynote collection from 1980 for me, please."

The game. That's what we're there for. The game.

So, pass out the snacks and enjoy the game. If you're thrilled and discussing it long after it's over, I've got a sure hunch that you enjoyed it.
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