One Week Later:

Ah, amma's back home and so are the siblings. It's nice having somebody in the house. For one it's company when you get back home. Fights aplenty, and noise that accompanies it. But then one feels at home. Otherwise, it's this empty and purposeless existence till dad comes home at late at night. Ah, and suddenly, all friends seem to have no reason to drop in and break the monotony.

Dandiya day tomorrow - wonder what's going down at Cosmos. It should be fun. I shall try and check it out.

Ever wondered why the senior girls are so so so... nice? ah, I can't stem the flow of italics. I even thinbk in italics when I see the senior gurls. (Yes, typos are very very very nice...) But then when they go by and you stop thinking about them till you see them again, it is so nice. Why wouldn't I want to marry her? I can take her home to amma. She's not a bad girl, she's so nice!

might be about the most worn-out adjective in my lexicon, as of now. Maybe lexicon is going too far, but vocabulary should do it. The boys (or should I say, the men) I know only indulge in a number of activities when it comes to females (preferably of the homo sapien variety): look. drool. hyperventilate. point out excesses/criticize shortcomings. drool some more over the excesses. fantasize; fan. some more; generally, this is the routine. And it really makes me wonder, is this what I should be doing? Am I any different, or do I indulge in the very same activities myself in the privacy of my cerebral cortex. Are my friends in admiration of beauty or are they just relishing the fact that guys will be guys. Are the CDs and Cassettes people right? Are they?

BSNL finally thought it was time to give me my first telephone bill, nice! :0
They'll be delivering the connection by the end of the month, so I'll be casting pods all over the place before you know it.
Give me some review units please! :-) I would like to put something in on the podcast.

I've made some new friends, they don't appear to be too worse for the wear after 20+ years of living, infact, I might even learn something, and there's never a bad time for that. You of all people should know that.

I've not been able to think of a single name for the podcast that I'm thinking of starting. Infact, nothing has been thought through yet, I was planning to get some voices from people I know to see how I can put things together. You need someone backing you up for things like this. And, I need a nice headset to communicate effectively as well, the fan noise in the background doesn't really help clear things up. Clarity in static - that would be more like it.

The Zune was selling for USD 99 on Woot. Amazing. These things are so cool. Looking at the currency conversion rates, you have a really nice 30 GB model for about INR 4000! Hell, that's cheaper than the Shuffle! And best part, you can squirt! (:-))

Ah, when will Microsoft wake up and realise that people here want to listen to music? Start marketing it here, you idiots. Leopard launches in a few days. Ubuntu's Gutsy Gibbon is launching today. Lots happening in the tech world. Ah, but nobody's covering anything here in India. Sadly, I find myself wishing there was a weekly podcast on stuff that's relevant to the Indian subcontinent. Because nobody's even heard of Ubuntu here. They're still filching old copies of Red Hat (v. 7.x) and thinking Linux doesn't get better than this! Oh, for shame! Pre-ordered Gutsy, it'll be arriving in two months. Ah, ah, ah, I wait and wait.
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