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Where were they all this time when I was scouring the internet, knowing not what I did?

Love their FlickR photostream. They've used some nice B&W to bring out the shades.

Scott Bourne's a happy man, and he's making all those geeks out there happy too.

Top 100 in the iTunes podcast list. The first episode is out. Go get it and get wired.

Can girls be trusted with tech? Yeah...

Drool drool.

What is wrong with me?

I know it's been a while, but then what can be done, I've not slept for nights. I feel a bit whiny. And there's not enough interesting conversations for most of the day till dad comes in at night. The stock market is just rising and I'm still in two minds: hold or buy? We just started tracking the markets using financial parameters, well, maybe one of those - P/E Ratio. It's at a pretty high level right now and it's not safe to buy, but then the more we wait, the more it goes up. The Sensex just hit 19 with three zeros today. Nifty up by 4% today. I don't get it, when will it end, when will I finally start breathing? When will I finally stop feeling like a fool for cashing in two days ago? Ah, ah, I am in whino mode!

SO, it's GirlsGoneGeek.TV
from Scott Bourne's Podango productions. Scott Bourne is a regular member of the MacBreak panel. Check it out. Worth a listen. You get to hear girls talking geeky, not something heard everyday here. And they've got a bunch of lovely desaturated (tech speak for B&W) up on FlickR.
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