Two 'seminars' to deliver tomorrow. Nothing seminal or innovative, sadly.

I have nothing to offer the world. A murky perspective on it. Very murky. I have a lot of work to do be doing.

Diya pushed me off to the shop to make a few purchases to stuff herself with. I was pissed off with her. I fumed along. A few steps from my front gate just before the main road, I passed a little girl who might have been about seven or eight years of age, dressed in what might have been a blue t-shirt which somebody discarded for one of those blue tube tops. She might have filled it out if she'd been 5 times her size. It clearly wasn't meant to keep her warm.

A cold wind blew.

She was no match for the bag of rubbish on her back. She carried it so well. And as I walked by, I glanced at her. Time slowing down. And I heard her sing a merry tune. Something she'd been lucky enough to hear on the radio (while they weren't playing ad jingles.)

Bliss can be found in the most unexpected of places.

It could be just around the corner.

And I just turned the corner and walked on to the shop much calmer.

I'm obliged to that little girl.
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