All this fighting and bickering
Begs the question
All this smallness
Begs the question
All that makes one weary of the day
Begs the question
All that makes life unpleasant;
And the mind torment itself,
Begs the question
All the times you wish you could change something,
Begs the question
All the times you closed your eyes and wished they'd disappear,
And they'd be forgotten,
All the times you were clouded by strong emotion,
Unpleasant, and a distorted
World sprang up before your eyes,
And you saw the people you knew,
Doing strange and wonderful things
And you asked a question.

There are hidden depths to a person,
(What they say is true, you agree)
But every time you are confronted by strangers,
What are you supposed to do,
Repaint that potrait,
And try looking at it differently.
And above all, ask questions,
(Realise the changes)
They go with answers,(some of them)

You realise that there is only one question,
Many answers, a picture might be of help.
Just one question.
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