VTU needs some time-outs

Okay, this is nothing unsual. VTU.ac.in during results is as good as orkut, during most weekday evenings. Well, actually worse. So, what can we do to speed things up when you're two minutes away from a blood vessel (or two) bursting, unable to handle the pressure of impending results? You try to get through but time-outs and blank screens are obstacles at every path. Here are some lessons that I learned over two years of VTU result-checking.

So, if you've just come online to check your results, read before proceeding thenceforth.
Don't be daunted by the length of the post. It's not much and can be skimmed through if you're familiar with most of it.

Note: Do NOT go to the main page. Directly to http://results.vtu.ac.in/ will help marginally.

1. Once you get there, stay there. Don't move. Don't pass go, don't collect $200, nothing is worth closing the window, giving up the treasured seat reserved for only a few users at a time. The VTU Results Page:

2. Don't wait for time-outs to appear. If you've been seeing that 'Connecting to results.vtu.ac.in' message (at the bottom of your window, the status bar) for a time period between 30 seconds and a minute (during peak traffic), then hit the 'Stop' button which will stop pinging the server (or hit 'Esc') and press F5 or the refresh button.

Remember: your request has gone through IF and ONLY IF the message 'waiting for results.vtu.ac.in' or 'read vtu.ac.in' message appears at the bottom. But there is no guarantee of something happening.

3.Sometimes, they do use white-out! You enter your USN number, the request goes through and the page begins to load, but then you're stuck with a pretty pointless white-screen and nothing happens. This is the worst case! So, what do you do? Give up? Nah, you go back and enter your USN number again. (Hitting 'Refresh' or F5 doesn't help here! If it helped you then let me know.)

The best (read quickest) way to do that is very simply, just hit 'Backspace' on your keyboard. You're back to the results page and enter your number again if you've entered it wrongly. Or the browser usually caches the request so, all you have to do is press the 'Enter' key on your keyboard again. This saves time, as many people hit the 'Click here to go back' link on the page which tells you 'Oh sorry, you've entered a wrong USN number'.

Next, if you've go NoScript turn off scripts, keep it that way, a lot of CSS is on that page which makes it even slower.

So, here's wishing all you jacks the best. A few precautions and your life will be that much painless.

NOTE: This info may not be accurate and is subject to change, just like the HODs of some departments in some colleges...
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