Today: Grey Dawn

  1. "The Wall has cracked" was touted as the most popular (and clichéd thanks to Mr. N. S. Sidhu) caption all news channels carried on their feeds. In a very "dramatic turn of events" (one more in a list) the current (or wait, now that he's resigned, how do we looking at things in hindsight refer to him?) handed in his papers (but "not his boots" as one newscaster put it) to the BCCI Chairman.
  2. M$'s OOXML or ODF? Which is better? My advice: choose what comes at a lower price if you just don't care. Or if you're a die hard M$ fan, you might already be using the former, unknowingly, of course. As M$ says, "There's more choice if we offer translators for ODF."(!)
3. I am currently recovering from a serious blow to my nervous system. I need to have a bath. But as my olfactory thingies don't seem to be functioning the way He made them out to function, I have no way of telling how bad I smell.

More on no. 2 later. There's a lot of groundwork to be done. BSNL's shut shop today and they're whooping it up. So, there's obviously not going to be any bb deliveries this weekend. I'm feeling slightly better after all the "sleeping around (the house)" I did today. The workers did not troop in for once.

Woke up to my "Wake Up Call" again, and was greeted by a grey cheerless dawn. I felt shitty. I don't know whether I should sleep or catch up on college work, or I should bite my tongue and set about submitting that assignment for Monday.

Ow! just sprained an ankle. Tomorrow is a holiday. Hail to Thee, Vinayaka.
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