That should put a lid on things:

[The scene is a go-karting track somewhere in the City. There is the sound of revving engines, the screech of tyres and three go-karts come zooming around a bend.
The trio are best friends - such bestbuddiesclosefriendslifelongpals that they refer to themselves collectively instead of the generic 'Thisone's Gang'.
They call themselves CheKaGo. Now, before you reach for your Dummies Guide to Cliques, note that this is closely linked to their names.

So, they are zooming along the course, whee-ing doing the girls just wanna have fun routine. Viz. proving that they're crazier than guys when it comes to having fun.

I happen to be the local incharger (where do we come up with these crazy words!).]

Naanu TrafficKaap. Neevela erring go-karters, who've knocked me down.

Naanu:Lie-sense elli madam?

CheKaGo (all at once):Dey! kothi, bai muchkondi hogi...

N. (a little perplexed at all this animosity):Pleesu, nannage kannada nadina makala chanda, jaya bharatiya taraniya tanujate!

CKG:Yay, getu lostu!

[The three transgressors speed away raising the dust.]

Me(coughing):Basavagowda lagilee, nannage nodu, kannada naadina makala chanda!

[The dust envelopes TrafficKaap. And the curtains fall.]


I feel like TK right now. Dusty and slightly basavagowda-ed.
I have a cold that started yesterday. Thank you Mr. Sniffy "Sneeze Up Your Windpipe" Knows! I'm eternally grateful for this token of your friendship. And as a sign of my gratitude, I shall put you on the IIt.

And now, we observe a moment's silence for the recently departed.

I've been listening to 'Maroon 5's new single -'Wake Up Call' - continuously. It helps during sit-choo-ay-shuns like these. If it's not a ballad about infidelity and revenge, it's one heck of a tune about it. It really caught me in the morning, today.

Deedoy, one of my siblings came home looking like she'd flunked one of her subjects. Amma put forth that theory, and as it turned out (after the Spanish inquisition by Nitty), she had! Ouch! D's usually yelling at everybody. Ah, now she's had her first flunked test. Don't worry di, things will get better. We all went through it and came out okay. Well, almost. I remember getting those marks. I remember that the first thought that crossed my mind upon seeing the number would be, "How do I tell them?"

Ah, if only I'd get my results in a reasonable span of time... I was on the phone yesternight with a friend of mine who is in Manipal - Mr. Seed. And he said that I sounded like I needed something to take my mind off the results. Pity, that wouldn't work either.

"MG Road Girl, who is she, hmmm?" inquired the pretty maiden across the aisle.
It was in the middle of Data Communications, I think. The very idea of that entity whose identity was veiled by a lot of obscurity, and a bit of memory loss, and the fact that I have no knowledge of who she is drawing the same question from many who've seen her picture.
It is a pity. I don't know who she is.

Will the real "MG Road Girl Please Come Forth and Take Me To A Better Place" is going to be the #1 single on the charts. Actually, I think I hear the song now.

"It was raining that day,
I don't know my thoughts were astray,
Hit the button for the ground floor,
Waited for that slit in the door,
As I descended into madness,
Also gladdddddddddddness,
Maybe sadddddddddddddness..."

Okay, maybe I should be working on something else.

I'd better go.
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