She Is:I am.

I saw her on MG Road.
It was raining.
Very hard.
I didn't turn around for fear of appearing rude.
So, I walked on,
I must not let anything intrude.
As I walked out, she followed.
I feel hollowed.
But as I walked on,
I heard a voice close beside me,
It told me: "All you need in life, is one moment of joy each day,"
(Aside: "I'd like two better!")
"Apples can keep doctors away,"
"But, if you don't like apples,"
"This is surely the thing."
Did she have one earring,
I could not see.
For I saw that she had turned away.
And was walking into the murky,
Inky black cloud.
I'd rather she turned around
Cold wet, footsteps,
And a memory.
That's all I am left with.

Note: The pictorial representation is for illustrative purposes only. Not to scale.
Specifications subject to change to change without notice.
Note:B&W and optimized for low-bandwidth connections.
Note:I made this baby.
Note:Okay, you can't be too accurate with a fuzzy month old picture in your head.
Note:She wore black, but while capturing it, I did it in blue.
Note:Too many notes, spoil the post.
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