Funny, the workings of the world are such a mystery, aren't they?

I find everything funny, don't I?

Am I what others perceive me to be?

Or are others what I perceive them to be?

Can I perceive the world the way I want to perceive it?

Why is everybody keyed to such base aims?

Sometimes, I wonder, why do I lack the energy to make a change?
I want to change, but I find it very difficult, don't I?

Why do people whom you'd expect to be rational, do things that don't appear to be so?

Obscurity tends lend it's own charm to things, I think.
Maybe we should all be charming, viz. obscure.

Obscurity coats the commonplace with a veil which one must peer through to see what's behind it all.

Obscurity is nice, in certain ways, not so in others.

I like being obscure.

I was chatting (I'm planning to drop this activity soon btw) with a friend of mine via IM. She is telling me that I said too many things that didn't seem to make sense rightaway, and left her curious about what was behind it; I make the previous statement in reply. I told her that some things don't make sense, and obscure statements were a good way to begin a conversation, much much better that the usual "Whatcha doing?" which is commonplace, and really unimaginative, if only we had more people who began their conversations with statements like "I ate brown rice today, but usually, I eat red, but then again, I find the whitest the prettiest rice of all."
For all you know, that could be the beginning of a very interesting conversation, which needn't last too long, but right after which you feel that there was a lot more you could have spoken, and you don't even remember where it all started, and feel sad that it's now ended.(the rarest of them all)

Ah, I miss those.

We have our first internal tests on Monday (henceforth 'internals') and I have not made much progress at all with my subjects. I must begin, and see to it that something comes of my efforts. I have to check with HP about their 3-year extended warranty plan.

I haven't been to RD Dental Clinic in a while. I am getting tired of my braces. Hopefully I shall have cast them off before I graduate.

The workers will hopefully be making a 'sweeping' exit for the last time on Saturday. Mr. Shankar was bricking mad that they hadn't exited the refugee camp that is my room in 2 months, and not 10 days like they had promised.

Things will get better, won't it? Define better. Better late than never.
Arrivederci. I love this, I read up the meaning somewhere - till we meet again.
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