My My, Aren't They Beautiful!

"You're bea-yoo-ti-ful...", it insisted.

James Blunt wasn't singing. He's not a great singer. There's nothing great about a high-pitched, whisper-quiet, and slightly whispy voice when you listen to it in say, just-checking-out-this-song kind-of-mood. Or maybe, I'm just making excuses: I'm not that perceptive, or sensitive.

"It's true..."

It takes on a whole new dimension in the middle of the college ground. Nothing could prepare me for what happened. It felt so real. I felt as if, I'd seen it as JB saw it, her. The song was real, the words actually meant something, and I knew.

Why did he write that song?

I think we know:
It's for every girl that a boy sees, but cannot see
Every girl that a boy sees, but cannot see
Her scent as she passes by him in life, but that too fades away,
Just like her memory,
Till he sees her again.
She is a person too, he knows, but he doesn't know how to reach out,
And take her hand.
Tell her that he understands,
Life is a long walk, some company would be nice.

Mandal's brand new shiny metal-backed Philips portable media player really helped. I sat there and forgot that 'You're Beautiful' was actually a song. It's an entire lifetime of emotions. I completely forgot that I'd not eaten lunch. People jabbered around me, as I faded away. And as "she caught my eye, as she walked on by..." I just let her know what I thought.

So, don't hesitate. People come in all forms. Bea-yoo-tiful. Just let them know that you think so. And who knows, you might just be making their day.
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