"How much ya' got?"

It's not a simple "Hello Sir, how are we doing today? How's that girl you're seeing? How does your outlook on life affect the weather? How does you willingness to make the world a better place make life better for the people living BPL? (They really must make the best of things!) Lalalalalalala..."

I don't know why but I get so annoyed when that's the question people ask me first thing in the morning! Well, maybe if I'd pulled off an eat-my-inkblots-losers sort of performance, maybe then, yes, I'd have stopped to think before I yelled at them! But since that wasn't the case, and it wasn't one of my best mornings, that's exactly what I didn't do (yes, not even the maybe).

Being the class topper must be quite an experience. People either goggle (maybe even google!), and ohgosh, and ohgollytheymusthavesomethingupthere, and do all sorts of things to make you feel you just pulled off something nobody's ever done before. (even if you did it the last time!)
"It's nothing, but it should feel like something," said a friend of all the above. Each teacher who took class today made it a point to ask who was that special person, and each time, that s. p. was vaulted to the throne of FCDLand. (For those of you, who don't know, that's VTUspeak for "Well done, ole' boy/smart girl!")

I actually heard some muttering in the last bench... :-) (And you know what, I was a last bencher too!)

Very cold day today, something of the joy that there were no more results to be awaited that day, and there was nothing in the world now that could stop me from putting on my best performance in the whole of my fledgling academic career (spanning 19 years. Yes, there are times when I feel that the less you speak, the more you listen, the more you learn. Gaaagaagoogoo (sh-looo-nort!)).

Diya's off again, on her jet plane.

Both sissies are attending auditions everyday. Which reminds me, I must go to where I learnt that you can piss people off, and that aunties are nice people. So, if you're a Sishu Gri-hite/hian who hasn't heard about this yet, here's the sad news. Anila aunty's husband passed away the day before. He was 73. She actually asked Nitty (who is a student in her class) about me, when she went to visit. I must do what I must do.

Sad. Ah, everybody's changing and I don't feel the same.

Who is that special person? You ask, well some secrets must be kept.
Put her away in your special place, and maybe some day,
When its raining, and you have some time,
Take her out, and tell her how you feel.
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