HANG in there!

Seriously, you just gotta do what they tell you. Sons of guns!

When will it be over? When can I start living life? When can I stop prefixing every thought with 'after my results'? When can I look for the one, without wondering whether I'll find her before I find my results? When can I read a book and not wonder as to whether my fate will be similar to the tragic hero's? When will I do the things I've been holding back till 'after the r.'? When will I stop snapping at Deedoy when she renders the 10 year-old-lonesome-I-could-die line from 'Leaving On A Jet Plane'?

Funny, two months and still nothing but squat. It feels like a constipation that has lasted two months, and no amount of Hajmola or anything else will take care of it. Maybe we ought to try that Magic Marks Card idea...

And Deedoy is still singing...

More sleepless nights, I think not, I'm done, let it come when it wants, VTU will NOT hold my life back?

Did I hear Nitty say she was jealous?

Dear Sysadmin@VTU, I don't have much to say, so I'll be brief.


And a prayer:
"Our father who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name,
Lead us through these dark days,
Even when BESCOM decides to cut the supply.
And the generators don't work in college,
Keep the weather like this,
And occasionally let me pass those long walks in
Pleasant solitude.
Come what may, Thy will be done."

And another prayer...

Diya actually sounds good.

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