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I love looking at webpages this way... No images. I've turned off images to speed up load times on the dial up.

So, I found increased speeds of upto 50%. Orkut loads immediately like on broadband without any of those bea-yootiful mugs on my friends list. (I miss them already... :)

Unusual day, things are draining too fast, battery power being one of them. I find that my music player is not as fast as it used to be. And the funny thing, all plans have been upset, I was supposed to meet a friend of mine this weekend. Of course, I assumed that the results would be coming out and I would not have the Damocles of VTU over my head. Pffft!!! if I may borrow from an expression oft expressed in online chat by that very friend I was to meet.

Ah, postponing things seems to be the order of the day. I have been waiting for Handbrake to convert two DVDs of mine for the past few hours. The bar is stuck at 100% and the mixing of the audio and the video streams seems to be taking place. Unfortunately, the progress indicator for the 'muxing' process as it is called seems to be taking quite some time. And I haven't gotten any error messages or BSODs yet. So, fingers crossed and hopefully, all those SSE instructions weren't pipelined in vain...

This thing is burning through my shorts. I must place it on some surface capable of bearing the exothermic output.

Developments are in order. I was speaking to S. over the phone about my ideas, (well, actually its more like an idea). He thought it would be a great thing to do. And that's when the network interrupted with a "yanking-the-vocal-chords-through-your-ass" routine. [Exeunt] viz. that was the end of conv. Just hope that doesn't happen when the idea is being implemented. But once we have really superfast connections, all we'll need to reallyh worry about is the power supply. Maybe, but will that be all?

R. spoke about getting a new motherboard for his dream machine (read comput-ahhh) today. He was actually going to SP road when I called him at about 6 in the evening.

Here's what I imagined would have gone down there:

The scene is SP road, narrow, cramped and smelling mostly of silicon and soldering lead. And there's also that nice, synthetic cleanroom smell, millions of processors may be born every day, but this is where they are adopted and history is made. And this is where the BT Junkies hang out too. The shops are pulling down their shutters. It looks like the end of another long day of haggling with schoolboys and people in baggy pants with bags slung over their shoulders, red puffy eyes and showing all the signs of never having known a good night's sleep.

A commotion. R. rushes in.

He runs into the nearest shop and starts making inquiries. Shakes his head, runs to the next one. And repeats the procedure. He does this repeatedly till there remains one unexplored.

He enters the shop, only to find the s.k. giving him the look of a man who doesn't care whether you're about to make him richer by a few k's that minute.

R. :Dude! I need a motherboard! ASROCK #U*#@$#$^@#$^#@$^#@$!!
----A permutation of all the alphabets of the English language---------
What price?

[The keeper gives him the numbers.]

R. :
Come on, I can get it for much cheaper on eBay! Swalpa discount kodi!

[The keeper grunts. Hufff pufff and names a revised price.]

R. : Come on, I've come all the way from Holebalahalalalalallahalli a few kilometres away through Bangalore traffic. On the way, I was picked up for driving without a license, I had to give that bugger something, and now I have only so much. [Holding out some money]

[The keeper gives him an eye. And shakes his head.
R. slams his fist into the counter.]

R.: Oho, too much masti for you jacks! alright, I'll give. But you have to let me open the package here, set up a demo system and then when I'm satisfied, I'll give you your money!

[The keeper looks at him wearily and mutters. Then he looks at the clock. And says something.]

R.: That's better. But I want phifty rupees less as I had to bribe traffic cop. And I gave my petrol money.

[The keeper nods. Hands over the packages.]

R.:Okay, [handing over money] see ya! [Exit right]

[Keeper gazes at him. Mutters. Turns off the light.]

[Shutters going down.]

Back to the real world-----------------------

Which reminds me, dad said that the desktop was due for an update and asked me to find out what could be done now that it wasn't working. TT game was terrible today. I feel out-of-sorts.

If I may have your attention once again, we will be doing a podcast of sorts. 'We': being me and a bunch of my friends. I am hoping to convince them that it's worth spending a little extra bandwith on, and it's a good way to get your thoughts out. Dump it on me. Wait!! DOM. It's something a little different on the lines of popular talk podcasts. (Dude, that's an oxymoron, you'll say.) But then, it's a lot of things from the perspective of a lot of students, which means the goal will be to unify all these different views and come out with no conclusion whatsoever except for the fact that life is not a one-way street with one lane, it's a one-way-street with multiple lanes - just like the Chennai-Bangalore highway that's come up (with toll booths on the way), except that its one way and there are plenty of people to keep you company. So, till we put something together, watch this space.

Update: One rip is done. Time is 1:54 AM. Go to sleep.

"It's raining... Ooh baby! it's raining..."
(Prithee, may I stand under your umbrella, my fair maid?)

Looks like I'm in for one hell of a night... It's raining like whoo-ey!
Rihanna dear, stay indoors!
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