happened today!

I go into college, a little tardy maybe. I'm locked outta class with a few others.
We spend an hour talking in a free classroom, (513) and then attend the second period.
Then, the teacher decides to impress us with her pro-noun-see-ay-shun and phonetics, and linguistics and before you know it, holey moley! Half the class ends up with fits, and body-in-hits. So, the teacher is pissed and announces she's given up the teaching duties of this class, as she found it too much to handle. (I feel that she over-reacted a bit, but come on! all this could have been avoided with a little tact and a little delicacy of speech.)

She approaches the Head-of-Department, and files a grievance notice. She wants him to come down dhamaaal on us; vengeance is so sweet, and yes, best enjoyed while having convinced every other faculty member that we're the meanest bunch of creeps that sprang up at 2 AM from the coconut grove behind the college. Yes! we're the people who were thrown up from Hooligans Hell, not because it was full! NO! Because Cosmos is air-conditioned and so much more posh! Now, our HOD is new and he doesn't want to get the unpopular vote so soon. (I think, we think, this is what he's thinking.) So, he says that this is a bit too silly. If we make sure she won't press charges, then he's okay with it.

So, right now, it's a deadlock. She wants him to vent his alleged displeasure, and he doesn't want to be too hard. He wants her to forgive and forget, she doesn't want to. So, what are we to do in the middle of all this? Raise a whole galatta, viz. hue and cry? Nah! like any other set of powerless students raised on tayeer shaaadam (!!) and peeekle, we just wait it out. So, we ended up waiting two hours (nearly) in the classroom waiting it all to blow over. Then it was lunch, there was no slack in the tension line even after. So, we decided to call it a day and headed home. We'll have to see what happens tomorrow.

So, I didn't attend any classes today. Not because I bunked, but because I'm just one in a bunch of nearly 80 thugs. Of which about 10 are paaavam paaapas and the rest are, well just looking for free periods.
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