Cheque De India!

This has to be the pun of the day! A newschannel was carrying it proudly today.

Hockey players are enraged that their reward, and special bonus for bringing home the Asia Cup didn't have enough zeros in it. Funny, people should realise how important zeros are in everyday life. Zeros are not only nice looking numbers, but their presence is often associated with the quantity of the sum - the more the better.

Not the first time players of one sport have complained of 'step-' treatment.

Ah, I made a nice tidy sum when the markets rallied the day-before.

I want to share it with the hockey team, but I'm afraid it's not even close to what they got.

Maybe next time.

Meanwhile the ToI had a ball with Dhoni's mug on most pages. The only pages he didn't have a full-page-congratulations-for-bringing-it-home-from-some-money-grubbing corporation looking for some nice publicity were in the newspapers that I didn't care to even glance through because I was so Dhonied by what I had seen. Or was it because I didn't read those?

Noisy at home. I have a sample of what it sounds like most of the time. Poor amma. I pity her. I even give up the wonderful educational facilities (that DO NOT include the internet access) at my college library and come home to keep her company, so that she grab a few winks while I watch over the homestead. I feel sad, she's been cooped up for two months, ever since the bathroom redoing work began. She needs a break. Let's hope Mr. Jet Airways relents and delivers those tickets they bloody well should be delivering! These big cos. are always looking for a way to screw you over! I wonder if the guys who started these corporations know how we see their operation.

Ah. Sad, but true.
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