1. R. is not getting his comp with immediate effect. Damn, where am I going to rip and encode all those non-Region 5 DVDs!! He insists that I deserve a Core 2 Duo. And yes, a 8600 GT, so that h/w (that's hardware and not homework!) benchmarks can be performed.
  2. The land of Hyderabadi biriyani - nuvu nenu Hyderabadu - is going through a rough patch: a flyover in a busy commercial area has collapsed killing about 4 and injuring 30. The flyover was still under construction. Of course, these are early figures, the death toll is suspected to be higher.
  3. India has 'chak-de'd Korea all the way 7-2 in the finals of some major tourney today.
  4. VTU is not going to give us our results tomorrow. Apparently, a bunch of 1st and 2nd sem with a much lower BP are getting theirs. We'll have to just wait till we burst a couple of those blood vessels, and take a liedown with a packet of strokes.
  5. I will not be getting my ADSL2+ connection soon. BSNL has been kind enough to provide me with unprogrammed ports. I must wait for a few more 15-day spells.I am a self-centered, selfish, double-crossing, always-looking-out-for-my-end-of-the-deal type person. Viz. a person you wouldn't really associate with a louse of the first water.
  6. The desktop is in for an upgrade, pictures later. It lies now disembowelled and cold. The shell of what was once a great computing machine.
  7. I have college tomorrow. Monday morning blues. Wait, I have college today, M. m. b.
  8. P.K. wanted to borrow my p. but was unable to because I didn't and still don't have a c.c.
  9. No. 8. sounds a lil' shady but what is apparent isn't, what it appears to be.
  10. Ten is good, nice one to round things off.
So, another week has begun. A new day has come.
Will my road cross with another Gabalagooba-Road girl? Will it be you?

I think I should stop checking that bloody website.

So, what do we call our podcast? Who's interested?
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