2:34 AM - think about it

Bedshaped? Oh yeah, totally. What am I doing at this ungodly hour? I should be sleeping right?

I suffer from something they call 'Computer Addiction Syndrome'. Coincidentally, I was watching a news snippted on NDTV 24x7 which dealt with this who issue of too many youngsters being rooted to a spot in front of their PCs and not able to get away, no matter how hard they (never) tried. Re-arrange that and you get tired. Being mentally tired and physically not has its disadvantages.

Look at it this way, your brain wants you to go and sleep. It's the logical choice among all possible choices, it says. But then, you wanna go outside for a round of - hmm, what games would you like to play? Dude, you could run naked throughout the streets and noone would complain! Wouldn't that be wild! I mean, think about it, how many people you know have done the nakedguydoingearlymorningjogat3AM routine? I know people who might do something like that, but as to whether they've got a fait accompli, I know not. I shall speak with them tomorrow. You do that! Let's see if we can blog on the joys of running free of the shackles of civilization. But! but! what about those Hoysala jeeps going around the colony, wouldn't they be a bit peeved if they found me doing something like that? Hm, it is a risk you'll have to take... But think about it, how many of your friends have been in the slammer? You could be the first...! Oi, you're really sleepy, aren't ya! Off with you now. Shutdown maadi, you're getting more and more reckless as the minutes tick by.

They say that a bad back, dry eyes, and a lot of other stuff are symptoms of comp. add. Maybe they're right and I should check in with the local deaddiction center for a month. Or there's always the above alternative, which even though sounds less pleasant, (not to mention adventurous; think about it - you could do a Shawshank... SHUT UP!) gives me an opportunity to spend a month in jail, (they may go easy on me, taking into account the fact that allegedly I didn't intend to offend anybody because nobody but c. a.s and ghouls are awake at 3 AM) and blog about it when I get out. Think about it, you're spending a month and coming away with a wealth of material, enough for a bestselling book, eh? Why not.

My eyes are dry. I think I'd better go.

But, before I do, here's promising that I'll be back. I'll have to tell you all about my results, mustn't I? Still not recovered from that fever, and yes am coughing things up. I think it's going to be quite a while before I do. Spoke to PK and she chided me about not taking 'some pills' (pills! pills!). B. sounded happy to be exchanging cellphones with his lady love. (Rings to phones, now that's progress!) Sidmeister did not show up. Jackass!

Time to go.
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