Very tiring day. Just got back after an hour of table tennis. Out of the several matches that dad and I fought over, (I think I'm bit out of form over here) I managed to squeeeeze one little victory. Quite a good day for me, I should say after all the matches that I've managed to lose! So far, I've only gotten worse and worse, and what with all the pressure I'm under! :-) Maybe it's not that bad, but still I find that I could do with a little change of air. So, starting today, no, make that tomorrow, I shall head out for a little walk every evening, instead of sitting in the bean bag and ending up emulating just that. Of course, if I were doing something great for the world, things would be different, but since I'm not, hehe!

So, walky walky walk. Leo Laporte and friends are discussing the iPhone bill boxes on Twit 109. Time to download on my dial-up!(great set of geeky podcasts BTW, http://twit.tv/ )

Just waiting for that broadband connection to come in so that I can go wireless finally. Damn BSNL. Can't they ever deliver on time. 15 days is what I got from our friendly neighbourhood lineman. I mean, it's just one connection. What the hell does a powerplant have to do with broadband connections? Ridiculous stories and even more ridiculous waiting times, BSNL better pull up its socks, or else I'm going piggybacking. Which is not something I like to do too often. Best hai mere liye! (sorry to be borrowing that... I'll revoke this once you give me my c.)

P.S. I'm on 'default' now. It has got to be one of my neighbours! Sometimes you wish you could help the world create more secure wireless networks. But then, who has the energy? Now, I'm really thinking that my lethargy actually pays off in free bandwidth!

College organised a symposium of some sort. There were a couple of interesting lectures lined up, none of which we could attend as we had classes. Damn, that lecture on shell programming could have really helped me out this semester. Ah well, talk about being progressive on educational needs. They'd rather we sat and dozed in class taking down notes rather half-heartedly rather than be enthralled by the possibilities of learning something new.)

Fortune favours the MIT-tens...
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