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There's been a lot of that lately. Especially in the past two weeks. I can't seem to get enough of it, wherever I am. In college or back at home, it's the same thing. The bathrooms are in quite a state right now. There was a leak that was visible in the dining room. I mean, the water started seeping through the walls from some break in the plumbing and showing up near the dining room, so we had to do something about it.

"We'll wait a bit and see how things shape out." was acchan's comment.
After a year or so of "w. a bit and s. h. t. shaped o." we went for it.

The principal of CMRIT, the esteemed Prof. S. handed in his papers and today was his last day in college. Apparently, this was something that had been dealyed for a long time till a replacement was found. And according to hearsay, I've learnt that Prof. LSR will be taking his place in the office, handing out suspensions and yelling at the "shortage" cases! He was the HOD of the Mathematics Department and is, I think quite the man for the job. I only hope that this new opportunity will not interfere in his popularity ratings.

I still have to pay the college fees. Let's wait till Wednesday, the money from the mutual funds should come in by then.

Many friends are heading south for the onam. R. and a couple of others as well are taking a few days off (and in some cases, even more few-days are being taken off) to revel in Onasamshagal. Let's see what amma will be preparing this year. R. will be back in college next Wednesday and I hope to get his assistance with fixing the desktop. Apparently, it's overheating and there's a lot of stuff that I pulled out right, but didn't put back in correctly. So, it's lying there cold and useless right now. R.'s comp is down too. I'm sure he'll sympathise. :-)

There's a Entrepreneurship workshop in college this Monday, the 27th, and I hope to be there, in any case, once I get out of college, I would like to be able to think like one, if not be one among the N. Murthys and Jobs of today. (I'd prefer Steve Jobs though. That guy is way cooler! And he gets all the iMacs he wants!)

This blog has now been "burned", via the FeedBurner service. I've not thought about promoting this content. And I don't really see the commercial value in it, but it would be nice to know that there is someone out there reading all these posts of mine. Come to think of it, why do people blog? Do they want to reach out and tell the world that they're special too; that their life is not as ordinary as it appears to be; that they have lofty and ambitious dreams; that they feel for something or someone; that they are like the oandh(u) they have a reason to be alive, something to justify their existence. More on this later.

Thinking about it all makes my head feel full. I've updated my picture on Orkut. And there was this picture taken of me when I was 14 and just breaking into a nice pimply teen. I think I stopped taking singing lessons about 2 years back because I found that with my voice breaking, I started feeling embarrassed about singing in front of the others. And yes, that "new feeling" didn't help either. But then, people have responded: "Cho chweeeet" and "baby Manu" are some samples of scraps that people have left, ah, to be young and adored again!

I really must cut my hair, it's growing into Amazonia again. Acchan's gotten home.

Time to start prefetching tomorrow. I've begun to slacken. And then again, there's a project to finish.
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