Thriller. PB Interrupted. Nice & Deranged. HP.

"The funk of forty-thousand years... No mere mortal can resist.

<insert weird laugh here, accompanied by hooooowwwwlllll' s>"

Whew, I keep jazzing it up, whenever that comes up:
It's close to midnight.
here's something evil lurking in the dark.
(I have an exam the next day. That must be it.)

I have performed satisfactorily in -
(Hold on. There seems to be an interruption in playback... Whenever I hold down the shift key for more than a second, there is an interruption in pb, maybe it is because there is a keyboard interrupt being raised by the integrated keyboard controller. Also checked the background processes, there's a lot of CPU usage, OW! just noticed that the CPU is under heavy load by some background process - when I held down the backspace key, there was another interruption. I think, it's because Picasa is running. Better shut it down.)
What was it again? I have a last exam left to endure. So, one more late night sit-up and I think I will be given license to sleep at respectable time for a month, that is a comforting thought. Certainly makes these nights seem endurable. At the cost of a few nights sleep I get to sleep whenever I want for one entire month.

Nitya was helping Diya out with her Maths that day. Certainly nice to see those two being nice to each other. Even if she was snapping at her every 5 minutes or so to remind her that they will still be N. & D. (loving siblings who'd list, I've Got a Knife: Who Goes To Rotary Blood Bank First as their favourite pastime). It's a nice thing to see once in a while. They do have the potential to be nice. For a while at least.

But now, it's back to lamming each other!

So, The Pianist finally arrived after a month's delay.'s service lady was nice enough to send us a replacement in two weeks. No charge. Haven't seen it yet, along with the 100 odd movies that my friend has been collecting all year. Ah, that makes it quite a handful.

I may be going off to C. But I have a day set for friends who call me for HP.

Still have to go and drop N. off at the tuition. I think that bike has become a problem...

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