Three Down, Three More to Go. Maybe...

Wait! No! I don't know.

I quote what a friend recently described the papers as: "Good, bad, ugly." (Not in that order necessarily.)

Three more to go, FAFL, IMP and CO. God grant us that saturday quickly.

Till then, I'll keep drinking tea and break the tannin aftertaste with sweet dreams of salvation that lie on the other side of the week ahead. Sometimes, I find myself wondering why I stay up till 4 AM. Because the results don't necessarily reflect on the logic-defying feats. Maybe I should have spent more time on my subjects during the semester. Then we could have slept at some more respectable time, like say eight 'o clock. (I've always wondered how the "o' clock" came into existence. Does it stand for 'on the clock'?)

Things that I've never done before:
1)Stay up till 3.40 AM for MAT
2)Stay up till 4 AM for GTC
3)Stay up till 3.30 AM for ADA

I never quite found myself doing all this during the internals. Maybe because I felt that all that lost sleep was not worth 25 marks. Maybe if I had, things wouldn't have resembled the situation in a pressure cooker now. Ah, past is past. So, getting past this is the only thing on my mind now.

Nitya had her much awaited walk down the ramp today. After weeks and weeks of constant persuasion she managed to get the go ahead from my parents, who, much to their dismay found that it not only entailed extra car trips to school, (imagine the distance between the earth and the moon, and the amount of time it would take you to reach by car). The girl got home only at 6 PM, she would be late for kannada tuition and mostly miss it. It entailed enormous efforts on amma's part to cover up for her and I don't think she was too nice to her even then, fussing about her make up and clothes and stuff like that. Whew! Glad that's over.
Now all I have to look forward to from her is "Manu why don't you drop me on the bike, because I CAN'T walk half and kilometre to tuition." and the resulting contrapositive of that statement, "Why don't you tell amma to put me in aerobics so I can lose weight. I'm soooooo faaat!" Yuck! Why don't these females stop worrying about their weight. I never worried. I've turned out a well-rounded person! (cough!! ahem! Seriously I have a terrible cold now.) But I'm not frowning all the time like her!

Diya, is playing the usual, "Rebel against everything, even if it seems easier not to" role. Obnoxious to the superlative. But then, that's her. I don't know why she didn't get cast in 'Mean Girls', (Make that singular.) too young maybe. She's now the in the fifth and has exams to cope with. Her tests start in a week and she's doing everything that I was doing before the exams. Take a guess. She'll follow in my footsteps, that one.

Enough, I must study for Tuesday to avoid replays of this semester, in the next semester. I pray for Shoe-has. Poor fellow; six days starting Monday. Maybe I should consider that offer NIMHANs put out, buy one get one free. Maybe I should jump into my straitjacket now. (Just leave my right-ing arm free please!)

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