Oandh Celebrity.

"I've observed a long long time,
Life has moved through me,
Quarrels over time and space are nothing to me.

Joy or sorrow, I have not tasted,
Though it may appear that,
I derive no pleasure in just existing,

I ask for nothing more than just a chance
To justify a carefree existence,
So, I've seen the workings of the universe,
Subtle caveats, in abudance,
From my rock, I saw them all."
- Oandhu

I am an oandhu. A chameleon, that boy calls me. His mother named me, Mr. Oandhu. Very apt, she thought. Hm, not very descriptive, but heck, there's my picture above. What can you convey in a handle that you can't in a picture. I appear a little colourless to me, but I'm sure you see the world differently, tell me what you see. That nice boy tells me I'm yellow. But he can't tell me what yellow is like though. I guess everybody has their limits to expressing themselves.

That's a picture of me. Taken by that boy who I think used to live next wall to me. I occasionally caught a glimpses of him watching me through those square apertures they call windows. I think I occasionally caught glimpses of myself on those windows. I didn't know I had a twin. But these twins weren't there too often. (That boy and his fellows left the windows open too often.)

I'm not as bad as I think. Pretty colourful, ain't I? And how many like me do you know who have a blog.

That nice boy, felt generous and asked me a couple of questions. He said, he'd show me the world. Since, I'd often felt as if I was the one doing all the world-watching. Thought it was time to do the opposite, show the world me. Make me a little celebrity of sorts. So, he decided to share his blog with me. That sure was swell of him.

I'll go and catch a little something for lunch. Wait, it's teatime. Meanwhile you can tell your friends about me.


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