Hogenekkal: Where I was not destined to be.

"I was never destined to be there,
Never, ever, ever.
Not on that day,
That day, when everything seemed
To us, wonderful and full of possibility,
Every sunbeam set us ROTFLing,
Till overwhelmed with our pleasures,
Quiet settled on all of us,
And we sat reminiscing every moment of that day."

Circumstances did not permit my accompanying my friends on a trip to Hoganekkal: a quiet little hamlet about 100 kms from Bengaluru. It is known for its waterfalls which are quite a sight, after a long journey. Full of energy the currents cut channels in the rocks. And the river level rises 100 ft during the monsoons. I went earlier there during the summer. Most of the rivulets were gentle streams flowing gently on the hot rocks.

Damn. I need a life. My friends went there yesterday, and when I saw the pictures, I could hardly believe that it was the same place. Most of the water had submerged the valleys and all we could see for miles around were rocky islands and water. And I believe the hanging bridge was submerged.

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