Rain Man!

Did anybody think that it would rain yesterday?

But there was always this smell - this fragrance - in the air which told me that rain was not so far away.

It was almost as if we'd been rewarded for our dry and tortured penance without power with an equally wet one w/o p.

The rain handed in his visiting card at about 6 PM. And as I watched in awe, he swept into the bedroom with a wooshy flourish and with those perfectly flashing lightningey boots of thunder of his, waltzed down to the hall. Then he was rude enough to slam the door before I could get out of the room. Opening the door, I found myself in the hall where the windows were slamming to and fro, the doors all over the house were banging. And the rain was pattering on the windows. The skylight was embodied in yellow, by flowers blown down by the wind. The branches outside were dancing and swaying away.

And as the power supply failed, I was enrobed in darkness.

As it grew darker, I sat myself down near the window and breathed her in as she passed by. Gaea was everywhere in the air. I could smell her - warm, natural and unspoilt, clean.

And my mind reflected on the words of Louis: "What a wonderful world..."

Power turns up lazily when I return home at 2 PM. And then goes almost immediately...

Not so wonderful anymore...

Here's a shot of the most affected area in the aftermath of yesternight's storm:
Turns out that Diya's squirrel treat box which was at one end of terrace (6th frame) was catapulted to the other end (1st frame) amidst all the gunk that the storm blew up.

Guess they'll not be dining there anymore! :-)
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