My Ambition: Un-live

Sometimes, it is very hard to write. Anything, something. When your head is so full of what is going on around you. It's very hard. There used to be a time when I could just start writing anytime I wanted. But now, that time is gone. And I don't know where I can get that side of me back. It's almost like learning how to motor a motorbike. There are times when you see kids, younger than you (of course!) cycling joyfully along the road and you'll wish could trade places with them. They're so spontaneous and there is no indecision in them. We think twice (few of us do!) about doing things. They're so impulsive, they don't even procrastinate like we do. Just what I'm doing now. Maybe I should pull the plug on the pro. Maybe I should start living life the way I used to live it, unaware and unscarred. Unfettered and unflustered. Unbrooding and uninhibited.

Maybe it's time to un-live life. Not just fun, also healthier.
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