College - Feet.

I shouldn't be home now. But what can I do when I feel so hungover. Not that I am hungover, literally. But you know that lethargy which settles over you in the middle of the day when you find yourself gazing blankly at the wall without any reason at all, and when you don't hear what people are telling you. The ticky watch movement is slow you wish it would move faster. A little faster, a little faster, a little bit faster, please. And then you wake up and find yourself exactly as you had left yourself, three hours ago, "What happened to all that time that I had?" Maybe you were experiencing a deep cosmic, karmic connection to somebody who might have been experiencing the same with you. The conversation, the laughter, the chatter, where'd it all go? You have the feeling that somebody was there with you, somebody whispered something in you, not your ear, but in you. You didn't hear it, you felt it. As though whatever was said was something that could not be expressed in words.

The girl in the very first bench in class, extracted delicately, her left foot from the confines of it's leathery prison, and started swinging in rhythmically in a slow motion. And I found myself staring the the feet, for reasons I haven't quite figured out yet, I have seen her at it for more than a year, but today for no particular reason, I decided to observe.

I didn't quite know why at that time, but I thought it was the most beautiful feet I had ever seen. A lovely rosy tint and very smooth looking. I wondered why I hadn't noticed them before. I looked down at my own cracked and dusty feet, calloused and looking like I'd crossed the Sahara on them. How is it that she had such lovely feet?

My compliments to D. May she have such lovely feet for the rest of her existence, so that lunatics like me can admire and rekindle their faith in the human radixistence.

I have missed MAT41 and CSE43. I feel really unfettered, unFAFLed. Ah, I must do something about my feet.

Note:I am not one with a foot fetish. (I remember a cat that I had - Tyson... Who had one. "Chupchupchupchupchup"ing his own and his fellow-felines' rear limbs. Almost like a pedicure, one might remark!)
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