College - Feet.

I shouldn't be home now. But what can I do when I feel so hungover. Not that I am hungover, literally. But you know that lethargy which settles over you in the middle of the day when you find yourself gazing blankly at the wall without any reason at all, and when you don't hear what people are telling you. The ticky watch movement is slow you wish it would move faster. A little faster, a little faster, a little bit faster, please. And then you wake up and find yourself exactly as you had left yourself, three hours ago, "What happened to all that time that I had?" Maybe you were experiencing a deep cosmic, karmic connection to somebody who might have been experiencing the same with you. The conversation, the laughter, the chatter, where'd it all go? You have the feeling that somebody was there with you, somebody whispered something in you, not your ear, but in you. You didn't hear it, you felt it. As though whatever was said was something that could not be expressed in words.

The girl in the very first bench in class, extracted delicately, her left foot from the confines of it's leathery prison, and started swinging in rhythmically in a slow motion. And I found myself staring the the feet, for reasons I haven't quite figured out yet, I have seen her at it for more than a year, but today for no particular reason, I decided to observe.

I didn't quite know why at that time, but I thought it was the most beautiful feet I had ever seen. A lovely rosy tint and very smooth looking. I wondered why I hadn't noticed them before. I looked down at my own cracked and dusty feet, calloused and looking like I'd crossed the Sahara on them. How is it that she had such lovely feet?

My compliments to D. May she have such lovely feet for the rest of her existence, so that lunatics like me can admire and rekindle their faith in the human radixistence.

I have missed MAT41 and CSE43. I feel really unfettered, unFAFLed. Ah, I must do something about my feet.

Note:I am not one with a foot fetish. (I remember a cat that I had - Tyson... Who had one. "Chupchupchupchupchup"ing his own and his fellow-felines' rear limbs. Almost like a pedicure, one might remark!)

Rain Man!

Did anybody think that it would rain yesterday?

But there was always this smell - this fragrance - in the air which told me that rain was not so far away.

It was almost as if we'd been rewarded for our dry and tortured penance without power with an equally wet one w/o p.

The rain handed in his visiting card at about 6 PM. And as I watched in awe, he swept into the bedroom with a wooshy flourish and with those perfectly flashing lightningey boots of thunder of his, waltzed down to the hall. Then he was rude enough to slam the door before I could get out of the room. Opening the door, I found myself in the hall where the windows were slamming to and fro, the doors all over the house were banging. And the rain was pattering on the windows. The skylight was embodied in yellow, by flowers blown down by the wind. The branches outside were dancing and swaying away.

And as the power supply failed, I was enrobed in darkness.

As it grew darker, I sat myself down near the window and breathed her in as she passed by. Gaea was everywhere in the air. I could smell her - warm, natural and unspoilt, clean.

And my mind reflected on the words of Louis: "What a wonderful world..."

Power turns up lazily when I return home at 2 PM. And then goes almost immediately...

Not so wonderful anymore...

Here's a shot of the most affected area in the aftermath of yesternight's storm:
Turns out that Diya's squirrel treat box which was at one end of terrace (6th frame) was catapulted to the other end (1st frame) amidst all the gunk that the storm blew up.

Guess they'll not be dining there anymore! :-)

My Ambition: Un-live

Sometimes, it is very hard to write. Anything, something. When your head is so full of what is going on around you. It's very hard. There used to be a time when I could just start writing anytime I wanted. But now, that time is gone. And I don't know where I can get that side of me back. It's almost like learning how to motor a motorbike. There are times when you see kids, younger than you (of course!) cycling joyfully along the road and you'll wish could trade places with them. They're so spontaneous and there is no indecision in them. We think twice (few of us do!) about doing things. They're so impulsive, they don't even procrastinate like we do. Just what I'm doing now. Maybe I should pull the plug on the pro. Maybe I should start living life the way I used to live it, unaware and unscarred. Unfettered and unflustered. Unbrooding and uninhibited.

Maybe it's time to un-live life. Not just fun, also healthier.

Made It Through

Now that's I've made it through the exams, time to turn my much in demand attention to other things!

Here's a nice moment. Makes me want to go: "oh simple thing, where have you gone?"

I found him/her in the abyss between the door of the terrace and the frame.

And helped him/her along the way.

Results Out

After a long sweaty wait of two months VTU relented and announced our results:

Not the greatest, I must admit...

But the euphoria of passing overrides every other emotion... WOW!

Waiting For Results

I don't know why they keep us waiting like this! Our university has decided that most students are capable of high degrees of mental strain, which is why they haven't announced the results of the examinations held in December, for the colleges coming under all regions except - Belgaum, Mysore and Gulbarga. Dammit, why can't they have a stipulated announcement date like all the other universities?

This is what we've been seeing for the past two days:


B.E. III and IV semester Results for Belgaum, Gulbarga are announced.

Mysore Region III semestere results announced.
Enter the University Seat No:


Apart from the fact that "semestere" is not really a word, this sucks!

Sprite - Clear Hai

Drunk on Sprite at 2:15 AM.

What was I thinking? Reading the label of the bottle, I find that there is 11.8g/100g of sugar in Sprite. Sprite is a brand owned by the Coca Cola Company which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I think I've there is a gross intake of about 1.5L, which translates into about 1.5kg of Sprite (assuming about 1g/cc density of Sprite). Of which using the ratio of sugar we get about 177g of sugar. And 1323g of water and other substances. Let's assume 1kg of water. And 323g of other substances...

What do we have, something really pointless to do at 2:21AM in the morning.

I have class at 8AM. Time to crash!

Google TiSP

Google does it again! Those guys have way too much free time!

Talk about a royal flush! :-)

I (almost) want to take them seriously this time!